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NCKU Nursing Department and Mahidol University Nursing Faculty to Sign Agreement for Academic Exchange and Dual Doctoral Degree Program

Written by Lin Yun-Mao. Image credit to NCKU News Center. 
NCKU and Mahidol University to sign agreement for academic exchange in nursing
An academic exchange agreement was signed by the Department of Nursing, College of Medicine of NCKU, and the Faculty of Nursing of Mahidol University on August 11. The agreement aims to promote extensive and in-depth academic exchange and collaboration between two universities, including a dual doctoral programs enabling MU PhD students to apply for the dual doctoral degree program with the NCKU Department of Nursing by end of 2023, at the earliest. A strong relationship has been maintained between NCKU and MU, featured with a joint research center launched in November 2018 in Mahidol University, as NCKU base to reach out to Southeast Asia countries.
The agreement was signed by NCKU Dean Shan Yen-Shen (right) and Director Lin Mei-Feng (middle).
The agreement was signed by Professor Yen-Shen Shan (沈延盛), Dean of NCKU College of Medicine, and Professor Mei-Feng Lin (林梅鳳), Director of NCKU's Department of Nursing. The ceremony was attended by Professor Wei-Chen Lo (羅偉誠), Secretary General of NCKU, Shu-Jung Hu (胡書榕), Associate Vice President for International Affairs, Chair Professor Fong-Chin Su (蘇芳慶), and Mei-Chih Huang (黃美智), Principal of National Tainan Junior College of Nursing .
The MU signatories were President Banchong Mahaisavariya, Associate Professor Dr. Yajai Sitthimongkol, Dean of Faculty of Nursing, and Professor Chartchalerm Isarankura Na Ayudhya, Dean of Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Dean Shan stated that NCKU's Department of Nursing was actively promoting its internationalization efforts. “The dual doctoral degree program with Mahidol University's Faculty of Nursing,” said Shan is part of our commitment to internationalization and excellence. This agreement would establish more progressive and pioneering cross-border educational models, which would enhance bilateral academic cooperation.
“Today we create our very first milestone and thanks to all the colleagues from both university,” noted Professor Lin. “The connection and collaboration with Mahidol University will support our higher education to be stronger and go beyond.”
Hu Shu-Jung, the Associate Vice President for International Affairs, emphasized the significance of the agreement between Mahidol University Faculty of Nursing and NCKU's Department of Nursing within the context of globalized education. She highlighted that this collaboration was anticipated to generate innovative breakthroughs in cross-border doctoral studies, introducing new momentum and advances into the field of nursing education. Furthermore, she noted that the agreement will foster the development of academic and professional skills of nursing in Southeast Asian countries, enhance nursing education capacity, and contribute significantly to the field.
In signing the contract, the Department of Nursing at NCKU and the Faculty of Nursing at Mahidol University have reached a new milestone in their collaboration.
President Banchong Mahaisavariya of Mahidol University expressed his delight at the signing of the exchange agreement with NCKU's Department of Nursing. He highlighted that the ceremony marked a new chapter in the collaboration, including the upcoming of  dual doctoral programs. Additionally, he noted that the international healthcare industry still has a lot of room for development, and that the dual degree program would provide students from both institutions with opportunities to grow and learn.
NCKU and Mahidol University have maintained a long-standing collaborative relationship, featured with the launch of NCUK-MU Joint Research Center at Mahidol University in November 2018. Serving as NCKU's base in Southeast Asia, this joint research center exemplifies the close exchange and interaction between the two institutions.
As an institution that integrates theory and practice, NCKU's Department of Nursing has achieved exceptional recognition for its nursing education, clinical training, and research activities. It is widely regarded as one of the leading academic institutions in the nursing sector, domestically and internationally, particularly in fields such as evidence-based care , Smart Healthcare , geriatric nursing, chronic diseases, and cancer care.

The Faculty of Nursing at Mahidol University, based in Bangkok with a rich history of over 70 years, t is regarded as one of the foremost institutions for nursing education in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The faculty employs a learning-centered approach to education, aiming to facilitate students' self-development in terms of knowledge, abilities, and professional skills. Furthermore, the faculty possesses a strong foundation in nursing research, particularly in the fields of public health nursing, medical nursing, and obstetrics and gynecology nursing.
Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2023-08-21
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