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NCKU Signs to Join the International Alliance “Campus-in-Campus Initiative” at the University of Tsukuba

Written by Hsu Tsu-Yueh. Image credit to NCKU Office of International Affairs.

沈孟儒校長與筑波大學永田恭介校長簽署Campus-in-Campus 國際聯盟合約
President Meng-Ru Shen of NCKU and President Kyosuke Nagata of the University of Tsukuba signed an agreement for the Campus-in-Campus (CiC) Initiative
On September 29th, Meng-Ru Shen, President of National Cheng Kung University, and Hong-Chen Chen, Executive Vice President NCKU and also Vice President for International Affairs, were invited to visit the University of Tsukuba (UT) in Japan. In the morning, President Shen and Vice President Chen met with President Kyosuke Nagata of the University of Tsukuba. With the primary goal of responding to societal needs, they discussed the collaboration between the two universities in terms of conducting forward-looking research and connecting with industry. Through industry-academic cooperation, the collaboration aims to enhance the sustainability of research. The Board Level Meeting of the Campus-in-Campus (CiC) Initiative, led by the University of Tsukuba, was held in the afternoon. During the meeting, Vice President Chen introduced NCKU, followed by the signing of the CiC membership agreement by President Shen and President Nagata, officially making NCKU a member of the CiC network. This strengthens NCKU’s academic resource-sharing network with 11 outstanding universities in Europe, Asia, the Americas.
沈校長與陳副校長參與Campus-in-Campus Board Level Meeting 策略層級會議
President Meng-Ru Shen and Executive Vice President Hong-Chen Chen of NCKU attended the Board Level Meeting of the Campus-in-Campus (CiC) Initiative
The Campus-in-Campus Initiative is a global strategic alliance led by the University of Tsukuba, consisting of top universities worldwide. By sharing educational and research resources, the initiative aims to enhance the teaching and research quality of its member institutions. Currently, there are a total of 11 member universities in the alliance including the University of Tsukuba. Hailing from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, each member university has the opportunity to propose various international cooperation projects, such as establishing remote offices at member institutions, online course platforms, expanding student exchange programs, collaborative research projects, co-hosting lectures or forums, and offering dual-degree programs.
NCKU’s inclusion as the 12th member in CiC will be beneficial in expanding NCKU’s international connections across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It will help establish a solid foundation for practical collaborations. Additionally, through this platform, it will be easier to reach collaborative consensus, thereby increasing opportunities for international collaboration. Furthermore, it will provide substantive opportunities for NCKU students and faculty members to engage in international exchanges.
Group photo after the event. NCKU President Meng-Ru Shen: third from the right. NCKU Executive Vice President Hong-Chen Chen: second from the right. UT President Kyosuke Nagata: third from the left. UT Vice President Jun Ikeda: second from the left.
NCKU President Shen and Vice President Chen attended the University of Tsukuba's 151st + 50th Anniversary Ceremony on September 30th. The ceremony included student performances, ceremonial events, talks with distinguished alumni, and a commemorative lecture by 2000 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureate Hideki Shirakawa, who is Professor Emeritus at University of Tsukuba.
NCKU and the University of Tsukuba first signed a memorandum of understanding for institutional collaboration in 2014. Since then the two universities have maintained frequent exchanges such as jointly organized forums by their international offices, mutual visits, establishing collaborative alliances, and participating in events like the Tsukuba Global Science Week. These interactions have led to activities conducive to research collaboration, including faculty exchange and joint research projects.
Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2023-10-06
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