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【92nd Anniversary】Navigator of the Generation: NCKU Celebrates Anniversary with Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony

Written by Hsu Tsu-Yueh. Image credit to NCKU News Center.
成大校長沈孟儒與112年7位傑出校友合影。 左起成大冶金及材料工程學學系 71 級、礦冶及材料科學研究所碩士73級、博士 76 級鄭敦仁、電機工程學系65 級束崇萬、成大會計學系 69 級李琍珉、建築學系45級校友黃南淵、機械工程學學系 65 級石怡平、電機工程學系 74 級胡書賓、周俊宏(代領化學系 71 級簡銘達)
Group photo of Distinguished Alumni with NCKU President Meng-Ru Shen (沈孟儒). From the left: Duen-Jen Cheng (鄭敦仁), Chung-Won Shu (束崇萬), Li-Min Lee (李琍珉), Nan-Yuen Huang (黃南淵), President Meng-Ru Shen, Tom I-P. Shih (石怡平), Su-Pin Hu (胡書賓), Chun-Hung Chou on behalf of Ben Chien (簡銘達)
National Cheng Kung University joyously celebrates its 92nd anniversary, with alumni gathering from both domestic and international locations. Collectively, NCKU and its alumni look forward to the mission of being the navigator of the generation, joining hands to stride towards the glory of a centennial. Continuing the tradition, On November 11, a grand ceremony for the 2023 Distinguished Alumni Award was held at the Ge-Chi Hall on Cheng Kung Campus. Seven outstanding alumni, Nan-Yuen Huang (黃南淵), Tom I-P. Shih (石怡平), Chung-Won Shu (束崇萬), Li-Min Lee (李琍珉), Duen-Jen Cheng (鄭敦仁), Ben Chien (簡銘達), and Su-Pin Hu (胡書賓), received the award. They are respectively recognized in the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, accounting, engineering, and chemistry. These alumni have demonstrated remarkable achievements in their respective fields and have made practical contributions to both the society and the nation, bringing great pride and honor to National Cheng Kung University.
Meng-Ru Shen, President of NCKU, congratulated the distinguished alumni and commended their outstanding performance and contributions to society. President Shen expressed that on the occasion of NCKU’s 92nd anniversary, the various celebration activities bring a warm atmosphere to the campus. The university’s anniversary celebrations are unique, often starting with academic discussions before gatherings. President Shen has felt deeply that NCKU alumni form a crucial force every time he visited alumni around the world, working diligently and steadfastly in various corners of the world, contributing significantly to the society, making NCKU graduates highly esteemed in academia and industry. President Shen commended the alumni for their modesty, humility, and down-to-earth approach in accomplishing important national tasks. He sees these qualities as essential forces driving the university forward. He believes that by maintaining humility and a spirit of sharing achievements, and by continuing collective efforts, NCKU will undoubtedly become one of the most important universities in the world.

黃南淵校友,成大建築學系 45 級校友、前內政部營建署署長、社團法人台灣建築美學文化經濟協會創會暨榮譽理事長
Nan-Yuen Huang (黃南淵), NCKU bachelor's degree in architecture, Class 1956. Former Director General of the Construction and Planning Agency, founder and the honorable chairman of Architectural Aesthetics Cultural Economics Association, the honorable chairman of The Real Estate Association of R.O.C., the Chief Coordinator of the FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards.
Nan-Yuen Huang (黃南淵) graduated from Class 1956 of Department of Architecture. He has served as Director General of the Construction and Planning Agency (now the National Land Management Agency) under the Ministry of the Interior. He is the founder and the honorable chairman of Architectural Aesthetics Cultural Economics Association, the honorable chairman of The Real Estate Association of R.O.C., as well as the Chief Coordinator of the FIABCI-Taiwan Real Estate Excellence Awards. He expressed he is proud to be an alumnus of NCKU. Having surpassed 90 years of age, he remarked that receiving this award is a great honor in his life.
Nan-Yuen Huang was inspired to pursue a degree in the Department of Architecture at NCKU after visiting the department’s design exhibition during his high school years. After graduating from NCKU, with the aspiration to enhance the quality of urban environments, he chose a career in public service. He has made numerous outstanding contributions, including drafting architectural technical regulations for design and construction, establishing standards for analyzing unit prices of construction projects, and proposing improvement plans for architectural management. Influenced by his father, Nan-Yuen Huang remains active in public service even after retirement, continuing to promote architectural aesthetics with the hope that urban and rural architecture will embody humanity and culture. “If you cannot see the beauty of the rose in front of you, how can you expect the arrival of spring next year?” Nan-Yuen Huang encouraged everyone to take notice of the beauty in life, “I hope everyone opens their eyes to the surrounding environment, and they will see that a beautiful life awaits.”
石怡平校友,成大機械工程學學系 65 級、美國普渡大學(Purdue University)航空太空工程系教授
Tom I-P. Shih (石怡平), NCKU bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Class 1976. Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University.
Dr. Tom I-P. Shih (石怡平) graduated from Class 1976 of Department of Mechanical Engineering, and is currently a professor at the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University in the U.S. He expressed gratitude to many people for their support and inspiration. Specifically, he thanked his mother for instilling the mindset of “Dream big, think big, think different” in him, and his father for imparting patience and principles of conduct through personal example, and NCKU for providing excellent education that laid the foundation for his academic research.
When Dr. Shih served as the chair of the Aerospace Department Chairs Association (ADCA), he collaborated with NASA Deputy Administrator Lisa Porter to cultivate aerospace talent through a Ph.D. Fellowship Program supported by industry-government-academia collaboration. As the chair of the Education Committee of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Dr. Shih recruited government and industry leaders to join the committee to provide new perspectives on higher education in aerospace, and also enlisted academic scholars to collaboratively develop higher education in aerospace. Dr. Shih has established numerous research and education programs with top universities worldwide. In 2018, he paid a visit to his alma mater to sign a memorandum of cooperation, initiating the NCKU–Purdue 3+1+1 Program, a dual degree program that offers a bachelor’s degree at NCKU and a master’s degree at Purdue University. This effort led to a significant collaboration between NCKU’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Purdue's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2022, contributing significantly to the continuation of the NCKU-Purdue partnership over the past 70 years.
束崇萬校友,成大電機工程學系 65 級、創見資訊股份有限公司金董事長暨執行長
Chung-Won Shu (束崇萬), NCKU bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Class 1976. Founder and CEO of Transcend Information.
Chung-Won Shu (束崇萬) graduated from Class 1976 of Department of Electrical Engineering. He founded Transcend Information and currently serves as the CEO of the company. He expressed gratitude for the education provided by NCKU and all the people who supported him throughout his journey. He especially thanked his wife for encouraging his entrepreneurship and providing continuous support along the way. He believes that, as one takes from society, one must give back to society, and he pledges to continue his efforts towards contributing to society.
Chung-Won Shu successfully established the company brand. He leads Transcend Information to become a major player in the memory module industry, expanding the company’s presence into the global market, elevating Taiwan’s international visibility. The company has been recognized as one of the “Top 25 Taiwan Global Brands” for 16 consecutive years and was awarded the “Taiwan Excellence Award” for the 18th year. In addition to its business success, the company actively fulfills its social responsibility by sponsoring youth sports, particularly the HBL (High School Basketball League) events, and received the gold medal in the 2018 “Sports Promoter Award.”
李琍珉校友,成大會計學系 69 級、北美國立成功大學校友基金會董事長
Li-Min Lee (李琍珉), NCKU bachelor's degree in Accountancy, Class 1980. Chairperson of the NCKU North America Alumni Foundation.
Li-Min Lee (李琍珉) graduated from Class 1980 of Department of Accountancy. She is the Chairperson of the NCKU North America Alumni Foundation. She expressed joy at receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award, a recognition she never thought she would achieve. She expressed gratitude to her alma mater for the acknowledgment. Throughout the ups and downs of life, she has consistently received support from fellow alumni. She mentioned that she became acquainted with the NCKU North America Alumni Foundation at the beginning of her career and has genuinely felt the unity and love for their alma mater among the alumni. Since assuming the role of the chairperson, she has seen numerous small donations from alumni, bearing goodwill towards their juniors and sincere hopes for the continuous improvement and higher rankings of the university. She emphasized that every donation, regardless of the amount, is crucial for the development of the university and contributes to making the school even better. She hopes to see continuous support from fellow alumni going forward.
Li-Min Lee, full of enthusiasm, and deeply cares about the development of the department despite being in North America. She actively supports on-campus activities, collaborates with alumni to offer resources to contribute to scholarships in NCKU, committing to providing opportunities for economically disadvantaged students to explore practical applications of science and engineering. She generously offers her expertise as a volunteer consultant to many non-profit organizations.
鄭敦仁校友,成大冶金及材料工程學學系 71 級、礦冶及材料科學研究所碩士 73 級、博士 76 級、鈺邦科技董事長
Duen-Jen Cheng (鄭敦仁), NCKU bachelor's degree in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Class 1982; master's and PhD degrees from the Graduate School of Mining, Metallurgy, and Material Science, Class 1984 and Class 1987, respectively. Founder and chairperson of APAQ Technology.
Duen-Jen Cheng (鄭敦仁) completed studies for three degrees at NCKU, receiving his bachelor’s degree in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering in 1982, and his master’s and PhD degrees from the Graduate School of Mining, Metallurgy, and Material Science in 1984 and 1987 respectively. He is the founder and current chairperson of APAQ Technology. He expressed his excitement upon receiving the award, stating that receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award is an unparalleled honor in his life, the happiest moment. From a young age, his mother not only repeatedly reminded him not to do wrong but also consistently encouraged him to aim for admission to NCKU. Not only did he fulfill his childhood dream by studying at NCKU, but he also received the Distinguished Alumni Award. Duen-Jen Cheng pointed out that NCKU has many outstanding alumni who have significant social influence. He believes that by integrating everyone’s strengths, NCKU can undoubtedly develop into an even greater institution in the future. He sees the award as the beginning of a responsibility. As a director of the NCKU Alumni Association in Taipei, he pledged to exert his utmost efforts to integrate the strengths of alumni and contribute to the school’s development.
After graduating, Duen-Jen Cheng joined the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), engaging in forward-looking research and development in technology. He participated in various government initiatives focusing on high-tech industries and technological research. Afterwards, he founded INPAQ Technology and APAQ Technology, achieving successive breakthroughs in materials and manufacturing, becoming a leading role in the domestic fields of antennas, magnetic components, and solid-state capacitors. Duen-Jen Cheng is passionate about engineering technology and business innovation, demonstrating a spirit of enthusiasm and never shying away from challenges. In addition to innovating his own branded products, he actively participates in startup industries and engages in philanthropic activities. He conjoins the forces of industry and alumni, making efforts to foster a positive environment for social innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry.
成大化學系 71 級、華鼎生技顧問股份有限公司(QPS)和逸達生物科技公司創辦人、董事長暨營運長簡銘達校友
Ben Chien (簡銘達), NCKU bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Class 1982. Founder and chairperson of Quest Pharmaceutical Services (QPS) and Foresee Pharmaceuticals.
Ben Chien (簡銘達) graduated from Class 1982 of Department of Chemistry. He is the founder and chairperson of Quest Pharmaceutical Services (QPS) and Foresee Pharmaceuticals. Ben Chien was unable to attend the event in person, and Mr. Chun-hung Chou, a university classmate of Chien, attended the award ceremony on his behalf. Mr. Chou praised his exceptional and outstanding classmate, mentioning that the university had been considered awarding him the Distinguished Alumni Award since three years ago. Ben Chien had previously established a laboratory for a company in the United States which achieved remarkable results. Shortly after, he received the highest honor from the company, the “Best Employee Award.” He went on to start his own business in the United States, making significant success. Later, recognizing the importance of giving back to society, Ben Chien embarked on entrepreneurship in Taiwan, once again attaining notable success. His achievements are truly impressive.
Ben Chien is a co-inventor of the Ion Trap/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (IT-TOF MS). He has received the DuPont Merck Summit Award in 1996, served as a mentor for NCKUAA-Northern CA’s entrepreneurship program in 2015. Following QPS winning the “2013 Company of the Year Award” by Delaware Bioscience Association in 2013, Ben Chien was also honored with “CEO of 2015 Award” by the U.S. Finance Monthly Magazine. Ben Chien made multiple achievements both as a scientist and an entrepreneur, making significant contributions in the pharmaceutical industry and serving as an excellent role model for students.
胡書賓校友,成大電機工程學系 74 級、華碩電腦股份有限公司共同執行長
Su-Pin Hu (胡書賓), NCKU bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Class 1985. Co-CEO of ASUS.
Su-Pin Hu (胡書賓) graduated from Class 1985 of Department of Electrical Engineering, and has served as the co-CEO of ASUS since 2019. He expressed his gratitude for the honor bestowed by his alma mater. He also extended thanks to many individuals who have supported him along the way. He is grateful to his parents who prioritized his education despite financial difficulties at home. He acknowledged the solid curriculum provided by NCKU, which laid a strong foundation for his career development. He expressed gratitude to the Chairman of ASUS, Mr. Shih, for the trust and opportunities Mr. Shih has given him. He mentioned that in recent years, every time he visits his alma mater, he witnesses more progress has been made by NCKU. Whether it is talent cultivation, artificial intelligence, or smart manufacturing, NCKU has excelled in research in various fields of new technology. The university exhibits a wealth of research capabilities. He believes that ASUS and NCKU will continue to collaborate in more areas, aligning with the needs of the industry.
Staying true to the spirit of engineers which emphasizes practicality, pursues truth, and overcomes challenges, Su-Pin Hu has led a team in developing numerous revolutionary products with “design thinking” at their core. His contribution spearheads innovation and development in the Personal Computer industry. As a member of the leading team in ASUS, he has played a crucial role in steering the company to reach the first position of the Top 20 Taiwan Global Brands, becoming the most valuable international brand in Taiwan. Committed to promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability strategies in ASUS and the industry, Su-Pin Hu has achieved numerous accomplishments. After graduation, Su-Pin Hu continues to connected with the alma mater, creating links between industry and academia though campus recruitment, talent cultivation, and collaborative industry-academic projects in the field of new technologies.
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Date: 2023-11-28
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