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【92nd Anniversary】National Cheng Kung University Presented Honorary Doctorate Certificates to the Leading Authority on Reconstructive Microsurgery: Academician Fu-Chan Wei, and Peter Chen, Chairman of Qisda

Written by Amy Lin. Image credit to NCKU News Center.
National Cheng Kung University conducted its 2023 Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony on November 11th, held at the Ge-Chi Hall. President Meng-Ru Shen officiated the turning of tassels and the presentation of honorary doctorate certificates during the ceremony. The recipients were the eminent reconstructive microsurgery expert, Academician Fu-Chan Wei (魏福全院士), and Chairman Peter Chen (陳其宏董事長) of Qisda. This honor was in recognition of their substantial contributions to the fields of medicine and engineering.
成大授予世界顯微外科權威魏福全院士(右二)、佳世達陳其宏董事長(左二)名譽博士學位 (左一為成大教務長沈聖智、右一為成大校長沈孟儒)
On the 92nd anniversary, NCKU conferred honorary doctorate degrees to Academician Fu-Chan Wei (second from the right) and Chair Peter Chen (second from the left). NCKU President Meng-Ru Shen (far right) and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sheng-Chih Shen (far left) were also present at the ceremony.
President Meng-Ru Shen of NCKU noted the exceptional modesty shared by both honorees. He remarked on how their significant achievements and contributions have transcended academic boundaries, making them exemplary figures in the realm of interdisciplinary research. President Shen praised Chair Peter Chen as an enthusiastic and influential figure, highlighting his unwavering support for the alma mater. " Chairman Chen embodies the spirit of a successful entrepreneur, characterized by a deep-seated passion, a dedication to giving back, and a profound sense of gratitude. These are attributes I greatly respect and admire.," he said.
Dr. Wei is recognized globally as a leading figure in the field of plastic surgery. President Shen recounted a phone call from Dr. Wei during his tenure as NCKU president, reminding him the importance of continually advancing in scientific research and leading NCKU to become one of the world's top universities. Dr. Wei's emphasis on thorough communication before surgery, a practice aimed at bolstering patient safety, is a valuable reminder for President Shen to “approach significant decision-making with prudence and comprehensive consideration.”
NCKU Honorary Doctorate recipient, Dr. Fu-Chan Wei, expressed his strong connection with NCKU from an early age. He conveyed that receiving this award is more impactful than any accolades he has received. Dr. Wei remarked, "Today, as I officially join the ranks of NCKU alumni, I am eager to work alongside NCKU in the future to advance my lifelong mission on enhancing patient safety, healthcare quality, and the re-education for surgeons."
Born in Tainan and raised in Pingtung, Dr. Fu-Chan Wei was accepted by NCKU through recommendation. However, as the Medical College had not been established at that time, Dr. Wei did not attend NCKU. It was only after the founding of NCKU Medical College in 1983 that Dr. Wei served as a doctor at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. During that time, Dr. Wei often collaborated with the Department of Plastic Surgery of NCKU hospital and served as one of the advisor professors at the Ph.D. program of Dr. Shyh-Jou Shieh (謝式洲系主任), the present chair of the NCKU School of Medicine. Over the years, Dr. Wei has been invited to deliver lectures and to teach at NCKU, symbolizing his close connection with NCKU. At the ceremony, Dr. Wei expressed gratitude to his teachers, colleagues, and family. " Throughout my life, I have been dedicated to patient safety, healthcare quality, and the ongoing education of surgeons. Now that I am an NCKU alumnus, I anticipate that President Shen and the Dean will extend more academic support going forward," said Dr. Wei.
Distinguished NCKU alumnus, Chair Peter Chen, reckoned being awarded an honorary doctorate from alma mater as a tremendous honor. He expressed his unwavering commitment to encourage younger students to embrace challenges, urging them to establish a solid learning foundation at NCKU. Chair Chen said, "Where there is a will, there is a way." He believed that the future holds limitless possibilities for those with sheer willpower.
Dr. Peter Chen expressed his deep appreciation for receiving an honorary doctorate from NCKU. In his acceptance speech, Dr. Chen mentioned that he grew up in rural Xinhua of Tainan, where agriculture was the central part of life. While studying at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Chen simultaneously worked as a tutor to support himself. Acknowledging his academic struggles back then, Dr. Chen confessed that he never thought it possible to receive an honorary doctorate in engineering. Recollecting his life story, Dr. Chen advised younger students, saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way. I would like to encourage younger students not to fear challenges, but to set ambitious goals, and keep in mind the importance of innovation—thinking and doing more than others.” After rigorous training in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Chen gained a solid foundation in learning and skills, along with a positive attitude. These attributes enabled him to excel in both technical and managerial capacities. With an engineering background, he asserted that anyone, regardless of background, would be able to become a leader of a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate like him. “Believe in your limitless potential, which will lead to success,” said Dr. Chen.
On NCKU's 92nd anniversary on November 11th, President Meng-Ru Shen conferred the honorary medical doctorate to the world-renowned authority on reconstructive microsurgery: Academician Dr. Fu-Chan Wei (left). Faculties, friends, and colleagues from the NCKU School of Medicine were all present to celebrate the achievements of Dr. Wei.
Dr. Fu-Chan Wei is currently the Distinguished Chair Professor at the Department of Plastic Surgery of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and is renowned as the founder of the world's busiest reconstructive microsurgery center. His innovative leadership has been instrumental in elevating Chang Gung to the forefront of global reconstructive microsurgery. It now offers an array of high-quality surgeries, including those for head and neck, facial nerve, brachial plexus, upper and lower limbs, breast reconstruction, and lymphedema. Dr. Wei, recognized as a “living legend,” has garnered international acclaim for his innovative microsurgical techniques, benefiting numerous patients with facial and limb defects and deformities. His groundbreaking microsurgeries, such as toe-to-hand transplants and jaw reconstructions from gunshot injuries, are renowned not only as standard references in medical textbooks but also as shining examples that have significantly raised the profile of Taiwan's medical expertise on the world stage.
Dr. Fu-Chan Wei, the first surgical academician of the Academia Sinica, is honored as “one of the 20 most significant innovators in the 400-year history of plastic surgery” by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also lauded for his “legendary achievements that benefit generations of patients” and recognized as “one of the 10 most influential reconstructive microsurgeons of the 21st century.” Beyond his academic and professional accomplishments, Dr. Wei dedicated to nurturing “Train the Trainers” of reconstructive microsurgery and contributed to the enhancement of global reconstructive microsurgery. By 2021, Dr. Wei has trained over 160 international microsurgeons of at least one-year fellowship and mentored more than 2,300 short-term visiting surgeon scholars. Many of them have gone on to become influential global medical leaders, proving Dr. Wei’s lasting impact. He was present as an invited honorary speaker at the commencement ceremony of the 2022 NCKU School of Medicine. From 2022 to 2023, Dr. Wei also delivered speeches at the NCKU Hospital and Department of Plastic Surgery.
成大 92 校慶 11 月 11 日由校長沈孟儒授予佳世達陳其宏董事長(左 8)名譽工學博士學位,旺宏電子董事長吳敏求(右7)與多位成大電機系、校內師長與皆出席觀禮
During NCKU's 92nd anniversary celebration on November 11th, President Meng-Ru Shen conferred the honorary Doctorate in Engineering to Chair Peter Chen of Qisda (left 8th), with Miin Wu (吳敏求董事長), Chairman &CEO of MXIC (旺宏電子) (right 7th), and several professors from NCKU's Department of Electrical Engineering in attendance.
With a commitment spanning more than three decades in the technology industry, Dr. Peter Chen was awarded the title of Academician by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) on October 19, 2023. Dr. Chen is currently the Chairman of Qisda and is also the leader of industrial transformation of Qisda. Joining BenQ (predecessor of Qisda) in 1991 as the Director of Research and Development, Dr. Chen not only contributed to various new product developments while also occupying important managerial roles. His extensive experience in research and executive management positioned him as an ideal leader for Qisda's transformative phase. Under his leadership, the group has seen substantial organic growth and, with a win-win collaborative strategy, formed a “Grand Fleet” alliance with over 70 domestic and international enterprises. Dr. Chen has transformed Qisda into a central platform for resource integration, effectively doubling its revenue and increasing its profits tenfold, thereby achieving significant value transformation.
Graduating from Department of Electrical Engineering of NCKU in 1985, Dr. Chen is honored as the Distinguished Alumnus in 2018. Demonstrating a strong commitment to giving back to NCKU, he actively promotes industry-academic collaboration, smart campus development, and alumni networking platforms. Moreover, he has played a crucial role in promoting NCKU's rise to a world-class university, making substantial contributions to its academic improvement and progress. In 2022, Dr. Chen took over Chairman of the Global Alumni Association of NCKU and established four major platforms, including the Phoenix Fund platform, the Startup Matchmaking Platform, the International Forum Platform, and the Outstanding Alumni Platform. Focused on strengthening ties between NCKU alumni around the world, Dr. Chen seeks to establish a virtuous circle by intertwining emotions and traditions across generations. He envisions that a world-class alumni association will significantly enhance NCKU's academic standing and global reputation.
Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2023-12-04
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