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Juming's Taichi Sculptures Installed in NCKU Campus for Pre-opening of NCKU Environment Art Festival

Tainan, TAIWAN, June 11, 2009 --- To embark beforehand on the NCKU Environment Art Festival, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) inaugurated an installment ceremony of three art works from the famous Juming's Taichi Series, namely "Jumping" and "Cross Arms". The ceremony was featured with distinguished attendees, including Academician Michael M.C. Lai, the NCKU President, Dr. Chong-Ray Hsiao, the Director of Art Center and Mr. Rongjai Yeh, the President of Culture & Art Foundation and also owners of these art works.

President Lai showed his gratitude to President Yeh, the NCKU outstanding alumnus, for his generosity of lending his invaluable art works to NCKU. President Lai believed that it is imperative for NCKU to equip students with professional knowledge as well as liberal vision and humanistic tastes. The humanistic education of a university can be evaluated from the alumnus, rather than the number of humanistic curricula. "I am very proud that the humanistic education in NCKU is very successful because of the achievement of President Yeh. This installment of art work can imply the NCKU's attentiveness and achievement on humanity," added President Lai.

According to President Lai, the importance of humanistic education is to create a campus environment with artistic atmosphere. NCKU Art Festival is aiming to encompass art, humanity and music into the campus and let the faculty, students and communities to experience the arts. The Mr. Juming's art installed in NCKU campus is themed on human beings and integrated into the earth.

President Rongjai Yeh recognized that President Lai promoted culture and art activities on campus. He said President Lai's idea about art will influence the south of Taiwan, even the whole Taiwan. He also vowed to contribute to NCKU, his alma mater, if needed. President Yeh also humbly said that the art work he lent to NCKU is just to throw out a minnow to catch a whale. President Yeh also acknowledged that originality is the power to stimulate and enrich the content of art and culture education of a university.

This annual NCKU Art Festival, succeed to the exhibition of sculptures in 1998, again integrated the art into the campus. Mr. Ju Ming's art works of Taichi series, "Jumping" and "Cross Arms", were installed in the square in front of the administration building and the front lawn of student activity center, respectively, to celebrate the launch of the 10th NCKU Art Festival.

"Cross Arms", installing on the entrance of NCKU, brings unlimited energy and comfortable learning atmosphere for every member of NCKU. "Jumping", symbolizing the balance of life power, responds to the spirit of NCKU members who show relentless exploration in knowledge.

2009 NCKU Art Festival, themed on humanity, technology and environment, will invited many artists to display their modern works on campus. Some lectures and exhibition about cultural innovation will also be offered in Art Center.
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Date: 2009-06-04
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