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5642 NCKU Graduates Conferred in Commencement

During the commencement held at June 6th over the Cheng Kung Hall, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) conferred bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees to 5,642 graduates. The procession was led by Academician Michael M.C. Lai, the President of NCKU. This year's featured speaker was Dr. Bruce Cheng, the Chairman of Delta Electronics, Inc. and Mr. Rocky Yang, President of 104 Job Bank Corp.

In the opening address, President Lai vouched to all graduates for the best education they received in NCKU and believed they are equipped with skills for their future careers

According to President Lai, graduation doesn't imply the termination of study; rather, it's a commencement of the career, another stage of learning. "The knowledge is fast changing and expanding so that the knowledge gained in university will soon become obsolete. Therefore, people should continuously update their knowledge after their graduation", added President Lai.

President Lai also encouraged students to equip themselves with global views and international communication skills. President Lai took Mr. Cyun-Rong Wang as an example, who will become the first one ever to earn a dual-degree from Case Western Reserve University and NCKU. President Lai expected Mr. Wang's example can inspire more students to participate in international activities and to acquire global views.

President Lai reminded that students can make use of all university resources to face the global economic downturn after graduation. In addition, President Lai expected all graduates to put NCKU's school spirit of "pristine practicality" into practice no matter in which job fields they work for.

President Lai also bestowed three crucial principles to graduates. One is to be honest, and to have a spirit of morality. Another is to keep enthusiastic and to acquire the interdisciplinary ability with an aim to enhance their competence and competitiveness. The last one is to exercise and maintain one's physical condition in order to take the future challenges.

Dr. Bruce Cheng, the Chairman of Delta Electronics, Inc. and also a 1959 NCKU graduate, said that the future world is changing even more rapidly and graduates should grasp the chance to develop their business. He also encouraged graduates to be perseverant in the pursuit of career. "Hardship can sharpen one's confidence and ability," added Dr. Cheng.

Mr. Rocky Yang, President of 104 Job Bank Corp. and also a 1982 NCKU graduate, disclosed the outcome of a recent survey that NCKU graduates have been remained and ranked as "industry favorites". However, because of high unemployment rate, he warned students, who would wish to postpone their graduation to avoid the job hunting in this difficult period, that by doing so they still could not dodge the hardship of seeking jobs. Mr. Rocky Yang encouraged all graduates, instead, worked positively to face the challenge.

In addition, President Yang also reminded graduates with Master's or Doctoral Degrees that they should not be narrow-minded and presume a higher degree holder can earn a higher salary and gain a better reputation. What the society expects is what a Master's or Doctoral Degree holder can help resolve a problem which a Bachelor's can't do.

Finally, President Yang said that the global economic downturn may probably lengthen your period of unemployment. Therefore, he provided a strategy of "brave man" to graduates who have been making efforts on looking for jobs without a satisfactory outcome. He stressed that what a graduate should pursue is not the welfare, the salary or the company's location. What a graduate should pursue is the working experience and credits. He advised graduates to bravely submit a proposal directly to the company to remediate possible flaws in the company after a careful evaluation and work on it without any prior demand of compensation. "The company's manager will probably employ you after the economic crisis because of the determination, ability and courage you show," added President Yang.

The 2009 NCKU Commencement, diplomas were conferred to 5,642 graduates, including 2,189 Bachelor's degrees, 3,181 Master's degrees and 164 doctorates.
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Date: 98-06-11
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