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Public Art Work of NCKU Hospital Clinic Building Inaugurated

Tainan, Taiwan, December 8th, 2010

To bring a warm and hopeful atmosphere to the stereotypical and cold hospital, the public art work of the Clinic Building of National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH), Tainan, Taiwan, has opened a window at the top ceiling of its Culture Hall on the first floor, delivering a lively visual image and creating an artistic impression of the hospital.

The opening ceremony of the public art work “Window of Firmament” by artist Aso Hideho is held at 8:30am, December 8th, in the Culture Hall of the Clinic Building of NCKU Hospital, where President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai, Senior Executive Vice-President Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Superintendent Pin-Wen Lin of NCKU Hospital, Dean Chyi-Her Lin of College of Medicine, artist Aso Hideho and creator Lin Shuen-Long from DADA Art, as well as teachers, students and personnel from NCKU Hospital have attended the event.

NCKU President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai expressed, “I believe art can cultivate our mind and change one’s temperament. For the past few years, National Cheng Kung University has undergone artistic transformation, and today, NCKU Hospital is undergoing an artistic transformation as well. Patients who enter the hospital need physical treatment and also psychological treatment. Thus, I believe it is a wonderful thing that a piece of artwork can reside in a hospital. It is a historical moment for National Cheng Kung University and a new milestone for the Hospital.”

Superintendent Pin-Wen Lin of NCKU Hospital revealed, “Many people have spared time to attend this significant event and observe the public art work. ‘Window of Firmament,’ located at the top ceiling of the Culture Hall, can elevate space aesthetics and urban environmental quality to reduce the gloominess and sadness of the Hospital, without affecting the work space and the treatment operations. In the future, I hope the Hospital can install a telescope for the visiting guests, patients, colleagues as well as citizens to appreciate and observe the beautiful piece of artwork in greater detail.”

Artist Aso Hideho said, “I am extremely pleased to be here to observe my work with all the guests. It has taken me about one year of efforts to get here, as I have traveled back and forth between Japan and Taiwan for 9 times and stayed in Taiwan for approximately 180 days. The artwork formed by La Mosaique and La Fresque is the efforts of more than one thousand people, and I want to express my gratitude particularly toward DADA Art.”

He stated, “In the past, I have always completed my artwork from a compilation of thoughts, but this time is different. When I explored NCKU Hospital one year ago, the image of the ‘Window Firmament’ already appeared before my eyes.”

He further explained, “The creative concept of a window slowly descending on the land from the sky has always been on my mind, and this piece of artwork is one of the realizations of my idea. The original semantics of the word La Mosaique is the same as the word music. Ancient Greeks believed that besides stars, there were also beautiful melodies in the sky. The shiny stars are small pieces of work, representing colors and shapes, in La Mosaique, just like the notes which compose melodies. Thus, La Mosaique has been considered a work to be presented to the goddess.”

Aso Hideho added, “Inheriting the classical vocabulary and re-performing in the modern space, one can see dots of stars shining in the ‘Window of Firmament.’ I hope my work can trace back to the origin of life, remind people of the old banyan trees most commonly seen in Tainan, the ancient capital, allow people to experience the mysteries and wonders of the universe, and integrate into people’s lives and bring new hope.”

The “Window of Firmament” is a large dome with a circular arch, which is 10m in diameter and 80cm in concave and made up of Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement as its base, and it resembles a starry sky painted in constellation myths with marble lines, hiding the origin of human life and capturing the hymns for human life.
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