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Science-strong NCKU to boost cooperation with arts university

Tainan, Taiwan, 20 July 2012

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and Tainan National University of The Arts (TNNUA), which forged a sister-school relationship in 2007, have decided to expand the scope of collaboration in interdisciplinary studies based on the strengths and characteristics of both universities.

Leaders of both schools reaffirmed the resolution during a recent meeting in which they explored more possibilities in further cooperation for mutual benefits.

Chao-Hsiu Lee, president of TNNUA, accompanied by Vice President-to-be Tey-Yan Cheng and Secretary General Wan-Chen Liu, visited NCKU President Hwung-Hweng Hwung on July 18 to exchange views on strengthening academic cooperation.

The TNNUA delegation had a good conversation with Hwung and other NCKU leaders, such as Vice President Hong-Sen Yan, Secretary General Ching-Cheng Chen, Vice President for Academic Affairs Chin-Ho Lin, NCKU Art Center Director Wen-Jen Hsieh, NCKU Museum Director Ching-Hwei Chue, and College of Planning and Design Dean Feng-Tyan Lin.

Yan will lead a NCKU delegation to make a return visit to TNNUA soon.

NCKU and TNNUA are complementary in research, as NCKU is strong in science -- especially engineering -- while TNNUA’s strength lies in the arts. NCKU is eligible for providing scientific research findings and consultation to TNNUA, according to Hwung.

Hwung welcomed the students of TNNUA to hold art exhibitions at NCKU, saying the resources of both schools are shared for their mutual benefits in promoting long-term co-operation.

TNNUA, established in 1996, is a rather young university compared to NCKU, which was established in 1931, and more sophisticated development is expected in the future, according to Lee, who noted that his school appreciates NCKU’s support and understanding.

The staff of TNNUA, composed mainly of artists, is distinctively different from that of NCKU comprising mostly scientists, said Lee, and the help from NCKU is expected to facilitate TNNUA efforts to grow into a more comprehensive university.

The co-operation projects between the two universities, both based in southern Taiwan, covered such areas as teaching, training and promotion, research, creation and exhibition and sharing resources.
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