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Student Delegation from NTU Singapore Visits NCKU; Infusing Vitality into Our Friendship

Written by Amber Tyan. Image credit to NCKU Office of Internation Affairs
On the afternoon of May 14th, the Students' Physical and Mathematical Sciences Club (SPMS Club) from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore), led 32 students to visit National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) as part of their student-organized Overseas Exposure Programme (OEP). The NCKU Office of International Affairs (OIA) hosted the student delegation and organized a special sharing session at the NCKU History Archives on the Guang-Fu campus. Distinguished professors from NCKU were invited to introduce the academic research highlights of NCKU, providing NTU Singapore students with the opportunity to learn more about NCKU.
Chair Professor Sun-Yuan Hsieh, Vice President for International Affairs, delivered the welcome remarks for the event.
Chair Professor Sun-Yuan Hsieh, Vice President for International Affairs, delivered the opening address for the event. He mentioned that since 2004, NCKU has been a partner school with NTU Singapore and there have been frequent student exchanges between the two schools. He also noted that many NTU Singapore students have participated in the annual SATU SMART International Innovation Competition, consistently impressing with their performances. Prof. Hsieh encouraged students to take advantage of this exchange opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of NCKU's academic research fields and developments. He also welcomed the students to participate in the Q&A session and engage with NCKU faculty to spark new ideas and to gain new perspectives.
Mr. Soh Chuen Han Kerwin, Director of the NTU Singapore SPMS Club, followed with an address stating that he, along with the OEP student delegation, would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to NCKU for providing them with the opportunity to learn about the university. He also thanked NCKU for organizing the NCKU academic highlights sharing session.
謝昱銘助理教授(左 1)、吳品頡副教授(左 2)、胡書榕副國際長(中)、陳一菁副教授(右 2)、林家祥副教授(右 1)與南洋理工大學 OEP 學生訪團會後合影
Group photo of the NTU Singapore OEP students with NCKU professors
(From left to right: Assistant Professor Yu-Ming Hsieh, Associate Professor Pin-Chieh Wu, Associate Vice President Sherry Shu-Jung Hu for International Affairs, Associate Professor I-Ching Chen, and Associate Professor Chia-Hsiang Lin).
Following this, Prof. Sherry Shu-Jung Hu, Associate Vice President for International Affairs provided the students with an introduction to NCKU. Professors from various academic disciplines then delivered thematic lectures. Associate Professor I-Ching Chen from the Department of Life Sciences shared insights on biodynamics and climate change. Associate Professor Chia-Hsiang Lin from the Department of Electrical Engineering discussed quantum artificial intelligence (AI). Assistant Professor Yu-Ming Hsieh from the Academy of Innovative Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing presented on the innovative implementation framework of knowledge base systems. Associate Professor Pin-Chieh Wu from the Department of Photonics presented the next-generation optical lenses. The students listened attentively to the presentations from the four professors.
During the Q&A session, NTU Singapore students actively posed questions to the four professors, who responded in detail. One student asked Associate Professor Chia-Hsiang Lin about how to develop entirely new research topics. Professor Lin emphasized that accumulated academic knowledge is a crucial foundation for pioneering new research areas, and he encouraged NTU Singapore students to come to NCKU for academic collaborations. The sharing session provided a rare opportunity for students and faculty from both schools to engage in academic research and learning, fostering collaboration in research.
NTU Singapore students actively posed questions.
Since 2004, NCKU and NTU Singapore have been partner universities. Over the past five years, they have co-authored more than 70 academic papers, demonstrating strong collaborative research efforts. In addition, 240 students from NTU Singapore have participated in exchange programs at NCKU, highlighting the frequent student exchanges between the two universities. This visit by the NTU Singapore student delegation will breathe new life into the friendship and cooperation between the two institutions.
Provider: NCKU News Center
Date: 2024-05-28
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